We are a modern transportation company that offers you comprehensive transportation services in Germany and across Europe. We have the most modern passenger car fleet. We managed to build a team of experienced, reliable drivers with years of experience. We firmly believe that the following pages will convince you that comfortable travel and quality services no longer have to be a luxury, but a standard for which you don’t pay extra.

We offer you the following services:

Airport Transfer (contact us)
We will arrange transportation of people from hotels and MUC in Germany and in neighboring countries, according to customer’s request. Our driver will be waiting for you at the airport exactly according to arrival. As a matter of course there are Combi cars to ensure your comfort and plenty of space for your luggage.

Transportation to Hotels, Hostels and Guest Houses (contact us)
We will arrange your transfer from Hotels, hostels and other accommodation facilities to where you need.

Meetings, training sessions and conferences (contact us)
We will help you and your company to arrange the transport of a larger number of people by combining passenger cars.

Limousine service (contact us)
We offer elegant limousines with drivers, for representative purposes, which are a proven partner on the road and always when it is appropriate to impress.

Rental for weddings (contact us)
We offer limousines with drivers, weddings. Decoration of the car is done by the customer.

Transportation for TA (contact us)
We offer cooperation to travel agencies and agencies under agreed conditions that are interested in providing quality transportation to their clients.

Employee transportation (contact us)
We offer transportation of employees wherever it is necessary.

Air Tickets and Transportation (contact us)
Save your time and take advantage of the unique ticket booking option along with the transportation. In cooperation with our partner, we offer you the combination of two services in one under favorable conditions. Enter where you plan to fly and we will calculate the price of your ticket and transportation.

Terms of payment:

  • we allow credit card payment directly in the vehicle
  • we have an individual pricing policy for long-term cooperation

We accept credit cards